You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato Basil Soup

In the interest of brevity and browsing ease, I've cut today's post in two: an easy Chilled Tomato Basil Soup complemented by Rosemary Potato Rolls.  Until yesterday, the sun has been baking everyone into a stupor, and I thought something chilled and easy to yank out of the fridge might be appropriate.  AND I was lucky enough to recently adopt, and practically resurrect, a basil plant in need of some serious pruning.

I refused to put any sugar into the soup, but all the recipes I've tried in the past included some sort of sweetener. Then I remembered a carrot walnut bisque I made last year, and how the carrots provided a subtle sweetness that sugar could never achieve - and it worked!

This can take a little while to make, but it's mostly waiting, so if you're at home anyway, cooking up a storm of other items, working, what-have-you, this is a great dish to have on the backburner.
Home grown basil
Please excuse the lack of instructional images - I'm still playing with the new camera!

1 can of peeled tomatoes (28 oz)
3 large carrots, chopped
1 tbs olive oil
About 1.5 fists of fresh basil, torn asunder (if you have small hands, you may need an extra half fist :p)
1 cup water
1 tbs dried basil
8 oz heavy cream (you can use half & half or whole milk if you prefer)
Salt & pepper to taste 
Carrot, Basil, cream, pepper, tomatoes, soup
1. Heat the olive oil in a medium/large pot, and add the carrots for about 3 minutes
2. Add the FRESH basil and continue cooking for another three minutes or so, or until fragrant
fresh basil
3. Add the water, raise the stove temp to high, and cover. Let boil for about 10 minutes, or until the carrots begin to soften
4. Add the can of tomatoes to the pot, stir the whole mixture, and lower the stove to a simmer for about 40 minutes with the cover on
5. Turn off the stove, and CAREFULLY pour the mixture into the blender.  Might I suggest you act a little smarter than I and do this in the sink...
6. Blend until smooth, then return to the pot
7. Set the stove to low again, and add the cream, dry basil, and salt and pepper.  Let simmer for about 10 minutes.
8. Pour into a large bowl or container and leave to chill for over an hour
9. Serve chilled any time - lunch, midday, dinner - preferably with an herbed bread - I'll be posting the rosemary potato rolls I used later today 
Tomato Basil Chilled Soup
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