Picnic Foods #2: Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus

It's currently 30 degrees out in Boston, but I hope you're still standing with me in defiance of winter - it's springtime this week on this blog, whether mother nature likes it or not, and we're diving into 4 delicious picnic-ready snacks!

If you've missed the other picnic foods I've posted/am posting this week, here's a list I'll update as they go up.  Today's subtitle theme: 2013 Oscar Nominees:

Picnic Foods Part 1: Cast Iron Skillet Cheddar Cornbread (or "So This is 50 - Degrees;")
Picnic Foods Part 2: Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus (or 'Zero, Dark, Thirty: The Forecast", aka, this post)
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Picnic Foods Part 4: Buttermilk-Battered Popcorn Chicken with Honey-Dijon Sauce (or "Les Miserables et Frois")

As you can see, the forecast seems to call for more doom than bloom - but we're going to soldier on, so when that sun does come, we'll be armed and ready with the best of al fresco dining!

Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus Recipe (Plus bacon-ized Asparagus Bites)

Would I really call this a recipe?  Eh - anyone can do it with their eyes closed, although I wouldn't suggest you do - bacon grease burns (trust me).  But it's delicious and fun, and anyone who likes bacon (aka 90% of the people on the internet, apparently) will enjoy this frivolous finger food.

1 bunch'o asparagus with the white part of the stalks chopped off
8 oz of bacon or (or 16, if you plan on wrapping every piece)
Cracked pepper to taste

1.  Take a full strip of bacon, and very, very tightly - yet without ripping the meat - wrap it around each piece of asparagus.  If that seems like an excessive bacon-to-veggie ratio, wrap the bacon around two or three stalks - or if vice-versa, cut the asparagus into smaller pieces, and wrap the strip of bacon around it numerous times.  The possibilities are ENDLESS.  Or they end there.  It's one of those two.

2.  If you're like me, you ran out of bacon before you ran out of stalks, so I chopped up the remaining asparagus into tiny pieces, and set them aside.

3.  Heat up a decent-sized skillet on high - using tongs place each bacon-wrapped stock in the pan, and carefully sear at least two sides - it should brown in just a few seconds

4.  Turn the heat down to just below 3/4, and let the bacon cook, turning occasionally to make sure the bacon is cooked through

5.  When done, place on a plate with a paper towel and drain

6.  Drain the excess bacon grease from the pan - leave a thin film still on there - and heat the skillet up to high again.  Toss in the asparagus bites, and cook until starting to wilt OR until starting to brown - depends on how hot your skillet gets really.

7.  EAT!

And - Spring Picnic Week #2 has come to an end.  But fret not - we'll soon demonize some eggs and batter up some tiny pieces of chicken.   Remember, if you try it, let me know - maybe even a take a pic and post it to!


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